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The MTS Marketplace hosts private adverts from you in the Miniature Railway Community of Australia and New Zealand, and connects you to the potential buyers in this region.

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NSWGR 48 Class From AU$15,500
NSWGR 48 Class    

Introduced in 1959, the NSWGR 48 class were built by AE Goodwin of Auburn NSW. These ALCO DL531s were ordered to commence the conversion of branch lines to diesel traction. With 165 in service by October 1970, they saw extensive use across the state, and still serve today. Variations were also built as the SAR 830 class, plus three for the Silverton Railway. View full details...

QR 2400 Class From AU$20,500
QR 2400 Class    

Built by Clyde Engineering at Eagle Farm, in 1977 these locomotives were an evolution of the 1550 class. They saw heavy usage across the state, with a total of 24 built. View full details...

Planet From AU$3,900

The Planet is based on the 2ft gauge light industrial locomotives manufactured by FC Hibbard and Co at their Park Royal Works in London. The Maxitrak model features an all steel bonnet and full cab and incorporates the distinctive Planet radiator and makers plates. These engines were common in industrial service, both narrow and standard gauge, and were found at many Naval dockyards. View full details...

BR Class 20 From AU$4,675
BR Class 20    

This popular class of locomotives was introduced by English Electric in 1957, under the new modernisation scheme. The initial batch of twenty engines were so successful that in total 228 engines of this type were built, with English Electric subcontracting much of the mechanical side to Vulcan foundry and Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn. View full details...

BR Class 66 & 59 From AU$7,800
BR Class 66 & 59    

The class 66 locomotives built by EMD in canada were initially used in the UK, but are now seen extensively across Europe. Countries such as Belgium, Holland, Germany and Sweden are now serviced by these engines, each with their own distinctive liveries. View full details...

BR Class 73 From AU$4,975
BR Class 73    

The class 73 locomotives are electrodiesels that can operate on both on-board diesel power, and the third-rail power supply in the UK. Built in the UK, these had the advantage of using the electric supply to maintain high efficiency when on the main lines, whilst maintaining flexibility in un-powered yards. View full details...

EMD F7 From AU$6,775
EMD F7    

A total of 2,366 cab-equipped lead A-units and 1,483 cabless booster or B-units were built by EMD from 1949, and was part of a long series of F type diesels. These engines were economical to operate and maintain and were extensively used for freight and passenger services. View full details...

EMD F7 B-Unit From AU$6,275
EMD F7 B-Unit    

1,483 cabless booster or B-units were built along with the 2,366 cab-equipped lead A-units by EMD from 1949, part of the long series of F type diesels. These engines were economical to operate and maintain and were extensively used for freight and passenger services. View full details...

Maxitrak Electric Engines    

We can import Maxitrak Electric Locos to suit your needs. View full details...

Brush From AU$2,750

This locomotive was built in 1958 by Brush Engineering as one of a batch of demonstration diesel electric locomotives, for shunting or industrial use. The Maxitrak model is a high detailed standard gauge locomotive reflecting its use in British Railways. Similar locomotives worked in the South Wales steel industry for many years. View full details...

EM Baldwin Cane Locomotive    

The EM Baldwin Cane Locomotives are a common sight in the Queensland Sugarcane Industry, and have been from the 1950s through to today. The fleet was built over 30 years and oversaw the changeover from steam to diesel traction in this industry. The usual sugar industry livery was bright yellow with red and white striped buffer beams, many enjoyed further enhancement with coloured stripes and panels giving the modeller many opportunities to customise the standard colour scheme. View full details...

BR Class 25 From AU$9,300
BR Class 25    

The class 25 locomotives, also known as Sulzer Type 2's were built in the UK from 1961 to 1967 View full details...

BR Class 42 'Warship' From AU$6,800
BR Class 42    

The "Warships" were the BR Class 42 locomotives, based on the German V200 design. Built in Swindon and named after past and present warships of the Royal Navy. View full details...

NSWGR 81 Class From AU$19,000
NSWGR 81 Class    

Built by Clyde Engineering in Kelso from 1982 to 1991, 84 locomotives revolutionised freight transport in New South Wales. Bringing new technology, superior power, and unmatched reliability, these locomotives still provide leading performance across NSW and interstate. View full details...