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Parts and Accessories

As part of building the locomotives, carriages, and track for our customers, we produce and use a lot of parts and accessories.

Do you need help with just one part of your train, like the control system? Or do you want bogies to go under your carriages? Find them here!

As always, talk to us and we can design something to suit your needs.

PS7 Control System From AU$295
PS7 Control System    

Our PS7-c Control System brings your locomotive to life. Australian designed and constructed for Trains from the ground up! Don't compromise, drive with the best. View full details...

Electric Motors From AU$160
Electric Motors    

We supply electric motors which have been pre-fitted to suit use in miniature railways. View full details...

Sandberg Bogies From AU$420
Sandberg Bogies    

Sandberg Bogies are well known around Australia for their ride quality and durability. View full details...


The G-Type outside-frame bogie is designed for heavy load passenger cars and wagons. View full details...


The H-Type inside-frame bogie is designed for lightweight passenger cars and wagons. View full details...


The K-Type power bogie is based on the Sandberg Bogie, but features 450w of power. View full details...


The J-Type powered bogie is based on the H type bogie, but features 1000w of power. View full details...

Coupling Bars From AU$5
Coupling Bars    

We supply a wide range of coupling bars to suit your needs. View full details...

Coupling Pockets From AU$30
Coupling Pockets    

We manufacture Coupling Pockets to suit your locomotives or wagons, View full details...