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Point and Signal Controls
Part No: APC
In category  Track / Accessories / Tools

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From AU$800

Looking for a simple point remote control? Or are you after a fully interlocked signalling system? We can help!

We can build signal and point control solutions ranging from very simple one-button remote controls, through to fully interlocked or automated signal boxes.

Basic Hand-held remote control

Our remote control systems can be used to operate single points or groups with seamless operation. The points can be operated at long range, by many persons without interfering with other sets of points on the system.


  • Long range.
  • Many seperate controllers can change the points, so each driver can carry a controller.
  • Suitable for single points, small junctions, crossovers, or larger yards with extensive point ladders.
  • 12v electric actuation, quick and reliable.
  • Linking to Signals
  • Can also be used to drive other accessories, such as lights, gates or lineside features.

Full interlocking and control systems

We also construct relay and PLC Based signalling interlocking systems. These allow for interlocked manual control of junctions, and can include automated functions such as platform releases.

Features can include:

  • Full visual feedback on signal control panels.
  • Distributed systems for large railways.
  • Interlock protections, to prevent points changing or lock out conflicting signals.
  • Suitable for single junctions or entire railways.
  • Compatable with a wide range of electronic or other hardware
  • Can be integrated to other systems

If you have something special in mind, talk to us!

Measurements and Specifications
Pricing and Availability
Prices from   $800 AUD incl. GST.
Available    Now
Lead time    4 weeks
Warranty    12 months