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Locomotive Package Deals
Part No: PDP
In category  Package Deals

Locomotive Package Deals + Click image to enlarge

From AU$5,600

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Locomotive Package Deals
Locomotive Package Deals

Do you want to get started at a local club with your first train, but never been sure where to start? Our Locomotive Package deals are perfect, containing everything you need to operate on existing tracks straight away!

It comes with your choice of locomotive and everything you need to run!


  • Your choice of locomotive.
  • Hand Controller or Panel Controller.
  • 1.2m Driving Car.
  • Quality AGM Deep-Cycle Batteries.
  • Battery Charger.
  • Everything you need to get running!

We tailor the package to suit your needs. Remember that we build locomotives in both 7.25" gauge, and 5" gauge, and gauge convertible!

Measurements and Specifications
Gauge    5" narrow gauge
Wheel diameter    82mm
Performance and Control
Powered?    Yes
Motors    4 x 60w
Control    Electronic with hand controller
Multi-unit ready?    Standard
Equipment and Fittings
Bearings    Bronze
Drive    Gear
Suspension    Spring (Independent axles)
Brake(s)    1 (Electromagnetic)
Wheel type    steel disc
Wheel configuration    B
Enthusiasts' Notes on "Real World Equivalent" of this product
Date manufactured    1938
Regions in service    UK
Pricing and Availability
Prices from   $5,600 AUD incl. GST.
Available    Now
Lead time    12 weeks
Warranty    12 months